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Closet Organization Ideas

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Use this collection of tips to pare down and organize your wardrobe for a more efficient closet.

Closet organization projects and ideas

Declutter and Organize Your Closet

Want to overhaul your closet space? Use these tips and more to get it done.

  1. Sort through the clothing and shoes you actually wear versus what you don’t. Consider donating the items you no longer wear and clothing that doesn’t fit you. 
  2. Look for items that are stored in your closet that would make better sense in a different  area. 
  3. Keep bulky coats and boots in a coat closet, not your clothes closet. You won't need these seasonal items every day
  4. Make use of floor space, the back of doors and all interior walls for storage purposes.
  5. Use ready-made closet organizers. There are dozens of closet systems available that will give you lots of options for hanging, folding and storing shoes. Also, use small totes or clear plastic bins to store toiletries and other items that can get unwieldy.

Project Ideas for an Organized Closet

Cleaning out your closet doesn’t have to be a chore. Get creative with inspiration from some of our favorite closet projects:

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Install Wire Shelving

Installing coated-wire shelving takes just a few hours and it can save you valuable time every day.

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Install a Wood Closet Organizer

A few tools, a closet kit and a few hours are all you'll need for the perfect closet makeover.

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Add Shelves to a Closet

Create more storage in a closet with easy-to-build custom shelves you can install yourself.

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9 Storage Ideas for Small Closets

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