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Decorating Tips for Hanukkah

Get your home ready to celebrate Hanukkah with festive decorations, such as dreidels, menorahs, lights and wreaths.

hanukkah candles along a mantle

Get Your Home Hanukkah Ready

Decorative Dreidels
Dreidels aren't just for the kids. Make your own dreidels in various sizes, and paint them in the traditional Hanukkah colors of blue, white and silver. You can display them on the mantel or string them from doorways and windows.

Hanukkah Lights

Deck the outside of your home in bright blue and white lights. Drape the lights around shrubs, trees and your front door for a festive look. You can also line your driveway or string them from the rooftop.

Menorah Mantel

Showcase your menorah on the mantel for all to see and appreciate. If you have more than one menorah, group a collection of them together for a more dramatic effect. Sprinkle gelt (chocolate coins wrapped in gold or silver foil) around the base of your menorah as a finishing touch.

Hanukkah Cards
String all of the Hanukkah cards you receive across a doorway or window. You can also use them as a swag across a banister or a fireplace.

Festival of Lights Wreath
Create your own Festival of Lights wreath by winding strings of blue and white lights around a foam wreath form. Hang the wreath on your front door, or make miniature ones to hang in your windows.

Star of David
A fun acitivity for the kids. Use foil, construction paper or colored card paper to cut out Stars of David. Once you've made the stars, scatter them around the house, use them as part of your table arrangement or string them from doorways and windows.