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Modular Entryway Organizers

Brought to you by Lowe's Creative Ideas

Create a stop-and-drop space just inside the door for must-have gear. Start with a basic box shape, and then customize.

Think Inside the Box

Personalize. Build a drop box for each family member and color-code the boxes with paint. Or designate colors for different kinds of gear. Reflect. Like to check your look before you head out? Mount a small mirror inside one of the boxes and you’ll have a mini vanity by the door. Communicate. Make a message box by covering one panel inside the box with chalkboard paint or cork. Or simply slip in a notepad and a pen. Make arrangements. Try different groupings of boxes before mounting them. You could hang the boxes in a single row, a single column, in pairs, or in a grid. Place the boxes above or below garment hooks.