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Decorative Painting Projects

Brought to you by Lowe's Creative Ideas

Choose colors you see outside your home to paint furniture, accessories, and surfaces inside. Easy-to-learn techniques give rooms a spring-fresh look year-round.

Dining area with ombre screen, color-wash walls, and stenciled wainscot

Chevron Stenciled Floor

Add custom color and bold patterns to a wood or other hard-surface floor with dramatic chevrons you can stencil in a weekend.

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Color Wash Walls

Bring subtle color to walls by blending colors with a wall-washing technique. Then highlight wall art by adding painted wall frames.

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Decorative Painted Ceiling

Top off any room with a decorative ceiling treatment that introduces colors and patterns to an otherwise bland surface in a weekend transformation.

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Moroccan Star Stamp

Add an exotic touch to any fabric or surface with these simple stamps. Use them to create a decorative star design in just a few minutes.

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Two Valances

Our free downloadable patterns simplify these elegant window treatments. Decorate either one with a fabric wrap or stylish painted border detail.

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Moroccan-Pattern Stenciled Wainscot

Surround a room with an intricate and elegant Moroccan-theme pattern expressed in bright springtime colors.

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Painted Room Screen

Cut the three panels of this room divider from economical MDF. Then dress them up with a bright painted stencil design over a multicolored ombré background.

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Spray-on Frosted Glass

Spray frosting gives you the look of decorative etched glass without harsh chemicals. When you're ready for a new look, the frosted finish scrapes off with ease.

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Stenciled Mirror Frame

Turn a plain mirror into a decor statement using a painted frame with a floral theme. Finish it with a striking metallic paint or color it to match your room.

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