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Build a Bird Feeder

Whether you're feeding birds for the winter or attracting them to your yard in the spring, this feeder is a great way to recycle your shop scraps. You can also use the project to teach a child some basic woodworking skills with an emphasis on shop and tool safety.

Build a Birdhouse

Build a Bird Feeder


Step 1

Complete birdhouse

Cut PVC pipe to length. Use the jigsaw to cut a 140° segment. File and sand.

Step 2

Saw roof to 9-inches x 14-inches.

Step 3

Measurements of Birdhouse

Saw 1 x 2 pieces to shapes and sizes shown.

Step 4

Drill pilot holes for brads, screweyes and screws. Countersink screw holes.

Step 5

With the base pieces clamped together, drill holes for dowels.

Step 6

Side View of Birdhouse

Glue 1 x 2 strut under roof and attach with 3 screws.

Step 7

Glue 1 x 2 side pieces to base pieces. Attach with brads and clamps until dry.

Step 8

Attach tops of 1 x 2 side pieces to roof and ends of roof strut with glue and brads.

Step 9

Install screweyes.

Step 10

Cut dowels to length to match assembly and install in holes in base pieces.

Step 11

Paint roof, if desired.

Step 12

Place pipe segment between central dowels.

Step 13

Tie rope to screweyes for hanging.