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Outdoor Lighting for Summer

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Shed some light on your yard with quick-and-easy outdoor lighting tips that help make the glorious days of summer last a little bit longer.

summer lights

We can’t get enough of summer. Even with 14 hours of daylight, we want to squeeze in more time outside. Lighting is key to making the most of your outdoor space. The goal is to fashion a subtly lit area. Find a focal point to spotlight and use a combination of uplighting, downlighting, and crosslighting to show off the best features in your yard—backlighting and downlighting create subtle silhouettes while crosslighting adds dimension.

Torch lights

In The Glow
Consider your space as a whole when planning outdoor lighting. Add layers of light at the ground level, on tabletops, and with hanging lights and torches to make your outdoor space shine. Draw attention to a tree or pot with uplighting. Use solar path lights,to line a walkway and illuminate your main traffic areas. Moroccan-inspiredfirepots (#28098), give tabletops extra drama.

Mini lanterns

Off The Hook
Use mini lanterns suspended from plant hangers (#225079), to light up the outside corners of a gazebo and illuminate its architecture.

Copper torch

Define your outdoor space with dramatic eye-level lights like this striking copper torch. You can’t miss them!

Rustic iron chandelier

Black Light
Create a focal point over the table with votives in a rustic iron chandelier (#63854).

Mini bamoo lanterns

Twinkle Twinkle
Add a touch of romance overhead with strings of mini bamboo lanterns (#330056).