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Macrame Plant Hanger

Turn plain clothesline into a decorative macrame plant hangers.

Macrame planter hanger with pot and plant

Project Overview

Skill Level


Estimated Time

Few hours

Estimated Cost


Tools and Materials


  • Tape measure
  • Scissors
  • Pliers
  • Wire cutters


  • 1/4-in x 200-ft clothesline, #349202
  • 2-in chain ring, #348558
  • 18-gauge steel wire, #62933
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Begin your plant hanger by tying a “lark’s head” knot that attaches the long cords to a metal ring.

Start with the Top Knot

Step 1

Tie a lark's head knot at the top

Cut four 12-ft-long pieces of clothesline. (For a longer hanger, start with longer pieces.) Hold the ends together, fold the bunch in the middle to form a collection of loops, and pass the loops through a 2-inch ring. Pull the long ends through the loops while holding the ring, adjust the lines until they lay flat, and pull the ends tight to form a lark's head knot.

Step 2

Cut a 6-ft-long piece of clothesline to make the decorative coils at the top, called a gathering knot.

Step 3

Wrap coils at the top
Make a loop about 1 foot from one end of this line and bring the other end up and begin winding it around the loop and other strands starting just underneath the lark's head knot. Make a total of six snug coils around the lines and pass the end through the exposed loop at the bottom of the coils, pulling it snug.

Step 4

Bind the coils together
While holding the long end of the coiling piece of clothesline to keep the coils from loosening, use your other hand to pull on the piece of line sticking out of the top of the coils. That loop will start to grab the line at the bottom of the coils. When the loop holds the long end snug at the bottom of the coils, trim the long end to about 3 inches from loop. Continue pulling on the top line until the loop disappears inside the coils. Trim the line at the top of the coils just long enough to let you tuck the end inside the coils.

Knot the Long Lines

Step 1

Tie on a short line

Now, it’s time to increase the number of lines beyond the eight you created in the previous section. To do that, you’ll attach lines using a special version of a square knot.

From the clothesline, cut four 6-foot pieces. (Again, a longer hanger calls for longer pieces. It's better to have lines too long than too short.) Select two pieces of line hanging from the ring and measure 12 inches down from the lark's head knot on those pieces. There, tie on a centered 6-foot piece of clothesline using an overhand knot. For this overhand knot, however, note how the top of the loop passes behind the two long lines being bound together, but the strands at the bottom are separated by the long lines.

Step 2

Complete the first square knot
Pull the overhand knot tight. Then turn that knot into a square knot by adding a second overhand knot. (To avoid tying a granny knot by mistake, vary whether the line in your left hand is on or under the line in your right hand as you tie the two overhand knots. If it's on top for the first overhand knot, place it underneath for the second one.)

Step 3

Once you master these square knots, use them to create decorative groups. (We used four square knots.)

Step 4

Add more square knots
Working with remaining 6-foot lines and pairs of lines tied to the ring, tie similar knots. Avoid crossing lines so they tangle or interfere with each other.

Step 5

Add a lower group of knots
Select lines from neighboring square knot clusters, measure down 6 inches, and join them with square knots -- this time without adding additional lines -- to begin forming a crisscross design. Repeat for the remaining pairs of lines without tangling them.

Step 6

Trim off the surplus line
Measure 6 inches down the lines from the lowest group of square knots, gather all of the lines, and bind them together using wire. Clip off the excess wire and flatten the tail of twisted wire against the lines. Cut a 6-foot piece of clothesline and use it to wrap six coils around the long lines similar to what you did at the top. Then measure 6 inches down from the coils and trim the ends even. If necessary to keep the line from unraveling, seal the ends with a lighter or match.

Step 7

completed Macrame Plant Hanger project

Insert a hanging hook where you plan to use the plant holder. Insert the ring in the hook and add a potted plant.

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