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Succulent Planting Ideas

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Low maintenance requirements combined with an impressive array of shapes, colors, sizes and textures let you turn succulents in to living art displays. Choose your favorites to grow in containers — including ones you create yourself. Here are some ideas and projects to get you started.

Close-Up of Succulents.
Succulent Plants in Household Containers.

No-Stress Plant Decor

Great things do indeed come in small packages, as these repurposed household items prove. Used as tabletop planters, they’re filled with handsome plants that require only occasional watering.


Mxed Succulent Plants in Containers on a Porch.

Porch Plants

Some succulents tolerate planting beneath porches and other areas that receive little or no direct sunlight. This make them perfect candidates containers near entryways with overhangs, where it can be difficult to grow flowering plants. Mix different shapes and colors to take advantage of the variety succulents offer. Plants such as elephant food, Gasteria, and Senecio species are good choices.


Succulents Planted in a Strawberry Pot.

Strawberry Pot Planter

Succulents are a great choice for a large strawberry pot, Fill the pot with potting soil, and plant a different succulent in each pocket. Push each plant deep, firm the soil well with your fingers, and mulch with gravel. Water generously to help your succulents settle into their pot, and place the pot in a sunny spot. Water them once a week for the first month, but don’t worry if you forget a time or two. These tough little plants thrive.


Succulents Planted in a Silver-Plated Tea Set.

Serve Them Up in Style

A silver-plated tea set makes an intriguing and unique succulent display. Find small clay pots that slip inside the teapot and the sugar and cream bowls and hang from the rims. If you can’t find the perfect size pots, add gravel or corks to the bottom of the teapot and bowls to support the pots. Fill the pots with a quick-draining potting soil for cacti and succulents, or make your own by adding 1/3 perlite or sand to 2/3 regular potting soil. Poke a hole in the soil and insert the stem from a succulent. Sempervivum (hens and chicks) is shown here but any slow-growing succulent will do.


Succulents Planted in Boots.

The Grow (Almost) Anywhere Plant

Sempervivum is a succulent that goes by many names: hen and chicks, cat and kittens, or houseleeks. The fun thing about Sempervivum is that it grows just about anywhere. Shallow roots make it able to thrive in makeshift containers. Sempervivum can even grow in old boots. Simply put the plants in small pots and insert into the boots. Or, fill the boots themselves with a quick-draining soil mix.


Potted Succulent Plants on a Chandelier Suspended in a Tree.

Suspended Succulents

Chandeliers in trees create a lot of unexpected garden interest, especially if you decorate them with plants. This example has small clay flowerpots glued where lightbulbs would normally be. Because succulents last so long without water, you fill the pots with succulents of any kind. They often last for months without special care.


Planting Beds with Succulent Plants.

Landscaping with Succulents

Succulents often are overlooked as outside landscaping choices. But in areas where the heat runs high in the summer, the fleshy plants just make sense. Succulents, which include cacti, love hot and dry conditions. While many people have one or two succulents as houseplants, they can be stunning in creative containers, in a rock garden or intermingled with other water-wise plants. Many succulents cannot tolerate temperatures below 40°F, however, so if you're thinking about leaving them outside during the winter, it's important to pay attention to their hardiness zones.

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Succulent Planting Projects

There's a lot more you can do with these versatile plants. Take a look at these step-by-step succulent projects: