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No-Carve Pumpkin Designs and Decorating Ideas

Brought to you by Lowe's Creative Ideas

Skip the slimy seeds this Halloween. Use spray paint and common hardware supplies to wow guests with these simple, no-carve pumpkin designs and decorating ideas.

No-carve pumpkins.
pumpkins wrapped in drop cloth strips

It’s a Wrap

Mummify your pumpkin with strips of torn drop cloth wrapped around and held in place with hot glue. The beady eyes are door bumpers (#308861) painted to look like eyeballs.

pumpkin decorated with rope coils

Going Around in Circles

Get twisty with this quick no-carve decoration. Cut sisal rope (#349209) into a variety of lengths. Use a glue gun to attach rope to the pumpkin in coils of different sizes. Attach large coils first and fill in spaces with smaller ones.

pumpkins drizzled with paint

Drizzled-Paint Pumpkin

Spray-paint a clean pumpkin black or white. Dip a brush into paint and drizzle paint onto the pumpkin one color at a time, turning and tipping it for even coverage and to remove any paint that collects around the stem. After one coat dries, layer on another contrasting color.

White pumpkin with brass chains.

Ghostly Gourd

This pale white pumpkin can rattle its own chains. Start with a coat of off-white spray paint. Cut pieces of brass chain (#348457) long enough to stretch from the stem to the bottom of the pumpkin. For each chain, anchor the top link to the pumpkin just beside the stem using a brass furniture nail (#58200). Drape the chain straight down the side of the pumpkin and nail the bottom end in place.

Purple and green pumpkin with a black tree on the side.

Branch Out

Form an eerie backdrop for a gnarled tree by painting the upper two-thirds of a pumpkin purple and the lower third green. (Feather the edges between the colors all the way around.) After the paint dries, paint a white moon high on the side. To make the tree, squeeze any color of paintable latex or silicone caulk onto waxed paper to form the branches, trunk, and roots -- the more gnarled the better. After the caulk dries overnight, spray-paint it black and let dry. The underside of the caulk should be just sticky enough to grip the side of the pumpkin while you press it in place.

Metallic gold pumpkin with dots.

Posh Polka Dots

Go for the gold. Apply round garage sale stickers (#109369) at random around the pumpkin. Then cover it top to bottom with metallic spray paint. After the paint dries, use the tip of a utility knife or crafts knife to gently peel away each sticker, leaving behind a pumpkin-colored dot.

Black rope-wrapped pumpkins

All Wrapped Up

Spray-paint a pumpkin black. Drive a black double-point tack into the pumpkin at any location and tie one end of a 5/32-inch cotton rope to it. Wrap the cotton rope around the pumpkin using additional tacks to hold it in place as needed. For a variation on this pumpkin, first paint the entire pumpkin silver. Then tack coarse string tight against the sides and spray-paint the pumpkin black. Remove the string to reveal the silver lines.

Silver painted pumpkin with tacks.

Tin Man

Start with a couple coats of metallic silver spray paint. Then drive furniture tacks (#58199) in vertical lines or the pattern of your choice.

Pumpkin with a green top and wire designs.

Live Wire

For that fresh-off-the-vine look, spray-paint the stem green and allow the overspray to settle on the top of the pumpkin. Then cut pieces of wire (#62943) of different lengths. Using a nail or scratch awl, make a hole at one location on the pumpkin and insert the bent end of a piece of wire. Loop and bend the wire into the pattern of your choice and anchor the other end in another hole. For the look of a vine, wrap a spiral of wire around the stem.

Purple pumpkin with white caulk spiderweb.

Caulk Cobweb

Mix things up this year with a purple pumpkin. Then drape it with a caulk spiderweb you can make in minutes using the pattern provided with the instructions.

Mosaic design on a pumpkin

Mosaic Masterpiece

Cut pieces of 1.88-inch-wide painter’s tape into squares and rectangles of different sizes and attach them to your pumpkin. (For extra-large pumpkins, you can substitute wider tape or adhesive-back shelf paper.) Then fill in the gaps with more shapes without allowing any of them to touch. Spray-paint the pumpkin silver and let dry before removing the pieces of tape to reveal the mosaic pattern.

Pumpkin with “boo” spelled out in furniture nails.

Get the Message?

Spell it out for trick-or-treaters with this pumpkin. Start by painting the stem an accent color -- metallic gold for the one shown here. Mask off the stem and paint the rest of the pumpkin the color of your choice. Then use furniture nails to get your message across.

Pumpkin with chalkboard paint.

Just Write

Got more to say? Spray a pumpkin with two coats of chalkboard paint and write the message of your choice.

Add some variety to your Halloween pumpkins using a mix of paint and hardware. --Lowe’s Creative Ideas

You can mix and match materials from each of these Halloween pumpkin ideas to create your own designs -- a purple pumpkin with swirls of wire or brass chains, for example.