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Designer Pumpkins: Get Creative Without Carving

Brought to you by Lowe's Creative Ideas

Make an artistic statement with pumpkin decorating ideas that go beyond the ordinary. These designer pumpkins are creative, sophisticated and a whole lot of fun to make and display. And, since there’s no carving required, they’ll last longer too.

A sampling of no-carve pumpkins as fall table decorations, each with a different look.
White pumpkins trimmed with copper speaker wire.

Enhance the clean look of your white pumpkins with copper speaker wire (#302989). Pierce the wire with a straight pin and push the pin down into the pumpkin at the stem to secure the wire. Follow the natural groove of the pumpkin, and add another straight pin at the base of the pumpkin. Trim off excess wire and repeat around the entire pumpkin.

Pumpkin painted black and decorated with tooth washers.

Be industrious with your pumpkin decorating. How? With icons of the industrial age, of course! Mask the pumpkin stem with painter’s tape, then spray the pumpkin with Rust-Oleum charcoal paint and let dry. Push copper weather-strip nails into the pumpkin in whatever pattern you wish. Using a hot glue gun, place a ring of glue on the flat side of a tooth washer. Press it to the pumpkin and hold for 10–15 seconds while the glue dries. Repeat the process with three different sizes of washers until you achieve your desired look. Remove the tape from the stem when finished.

Copper and white pumpkin with irregular stripes.

Here’s a pumpkin of a different stripe. To make it, mask the stem of a white pumpkin with painter’s tape, then coat the pumpkin with Rust-Oleum vintage copper metallic spray paint and let dry. Tear in half, length wise, a 6-inch strip of 1-inch painter’s tape for pieces that are ½ inch x 6 inches. Start at the stem and press tape to the pumpkin vertically. As you pull the tape off, the copper paint will pull away from the pumpkin in cracked pieces. Repeat the process two or three more times with the same piece of tape for a less dramatic peel. Switch to a fresh piece of tape and repeat for larger peels, exposing the original white pumpkin color underneath. Remove the tape from the stem when finished.

Pumpkin wrapped in braided polypropylene rope.

For an unexpected look, braided rope can do the trick. Hot-glue the edge of braided polypropylene rope (#424888) to the base of the pumpkin stem. Make a clockwise pass around the stem with the rope and add another dab of glue to the rope and hold it to the pumpkin to secure. Continue wrapping the rope down and around the pumpkin, adding glue every full circle. Wrap the rope all the way around the base of the pumpkin, coiling it up underneath. Add a generous amount of glue to the base of the pumpkin to secure the rope in place.

Copper wire looking like a curly tendril on a pumpkin vine.

It’s simple and straightforward, but this pumpkin decorating idea is pretty cute, too. Just cut 18-gauge copper picture-hanging wire to your desired length (we used an 8-inch piece). Wrap the wire around your index finger for a curled look, then remove from your finger with the coil intact. Wrap one end of the wire around the base of the pumpkin stem, and gently pull the other end until the wire unravels from its tight coil and looks like a curly tendril on a pumpkin vine.

Pumpkins painted charcoal and dabbed with gold and copper paint.

Welcome back to the Gilded Age! This time it’s paint, not actual gold, that’s setting the scene. Mask the pumpkin stem with painter’s tape, then cover the pumpkin with Rust-Oleum charcoal gray spray paint. Let dry. Spray Rust-Oleum vintage rose gold metallic paint on a cloth rag and immediately press the rag all around the pumpkin with a quick dabbing motion. After it dries, repeat the process with Rust-Oleum vintage copper metallic paint for a two-tone effect with more depth. Remove tape from stem when finished.

Designer pumpkins are classy enough to carry your decorating through the entire autumn season. --Lowe’s Creative Ideas

Go beyond the norm and enjoy the satisfaction of creating your own DIY designer pumpkins.


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