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Snowflake Stencil Bath Stool

Decorate this simple DIY bath stool with snowflakes for the holidays. Then swap out the skirt for plain fabric or the design of your choice.

Stenciled fabric bath stool

Project Overview

Skill Level


Estimated Time

1 day

Estimated Cost


Tools & Materials


  • Jigsaw with fine-tooth blade
  • Circle compass
  • Measuring tape
  • Drill and bit set
  • Staple gun
  • Screwdriver
  • Sander
  • 80-grit sandpaper
  • White duct tape


  • 12-in x 48-in Quik-Tube concrete form, #10150
  • 3/4 x 24 x 24 birch plywood
  • 48 x 60 8-ounce canvas drop cloth, #197749
  • Carpet padding, 1 linear foot (sold by the linear foot), #17122
  • 2-in x 4-ft adhesive-back white Velcro tape, #184416
  • E6000 general-purpose adhesive, 2 ounces, #556902
  • #8 x 1-in flathead wood screws

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Create a snowflake from your own pattern by making roughly 6-inch-by-6-inch printouts and transferring the design to shelf paper. Then cut out the designs and apply the shelf paper stencil to the fabric. For a time-saving alternative to making your own stencil, order the embroidered Moroccan star stencil (#3069) for $15.95 plus shipping from Royal Design Studio.

Build the Stool Support

Step 1

Measure up 20 inches from one end of the concrete form tube and make a series of evenly spaced marks around the tube. Draw a line to connect the marks. Use a jigsaw with a fine-tooth wood-cutting blade to cut along the line.

Good to Know

To draw a unform line around the tube, tape together four sheets of letter-size paper end to end. Wrap this strip around the tube with one edge touching the marks. Hold the paper in place with masking tape and use the edge as a guide to draw a line.

Step 2

Draw rings around the tube 3/8 inch from both ends and make eight evenly spaced marks about 4-7/8 inches apart. Hold a piece of scrap wood inside the tube for support and drill 1/8-inch pilot holes at each mark.

Step 3

Measure the inside diameter of the tube from several locations around the edge. Shipping and storage may have created a slight oval shape. Our tube diameter measured slightly less than 12-1/2 inches. Divide the inside diameter by two and set a compass to this dimension. Draw two circles on the plywood and cut them out with a jigsaw.

Good to Know

Saw just on the waste side of the circle. You can sand the edges slightly to reduce the diameter until the circle fits snug within the tube.

Step 4

Insert the plywood circle inside the tube.

Place a circle within the tube so the outside face of the plywood is flush with the end of the tube. At the pilot hole locations in the tube, drill 1/8-inch pilot holes into the plywood. Then drive #8 x 1-inch wood screws through the tube into the plywood. Repeat for the opposite end.

Upholster the Stool

Step 1

From carpet padding, cut a circle the same diameter as the outside of the tube. Add a second circle if you want additional padding on the top.

Step 2

Cut the top fabric.

Set a compass for an 11-inch radius. On a piece of ironed drop cloth or other fabric, draw a circle about 22 inches in diameter and cut it from the fabric.

Good to Know

If you plan to make the snowflake-stencil skirt, you may want to apply a similar stencil to the center of the fabric circle before fastening it to the tube. See the stenciling instructions below.

Step 3

Staple the fabric top to the tube.

Lay the carpet padding circle on the tube and center the fabric on the circle. Staple the fabric to the tube in one place, stretch the fabric tight and place a staple opposite the first one. Continue working your way around the tube, continually stretching the fabric to remove any wrinkles.

Step 4

Staple Velcro to the tube.

Just below the edge of the tube, staple the loop portion of a strip of Velcro tape to the tube. Make the top edge of the Velcro tape a consistent distance from the edge of the tube.

Step 5

Tape two seams along the edge of the skirt.

Refer to the Bath Stool Skirt Project Diagram to cut a piece of fabric to size using the factory edges along the bottom and one side. Iron 1-3/4-inch hems along the remaining two edges and use duct tape to hold the hems in place.

Step 6

Attach Velcro tape strips to the skirt.

Refer to the Bath Stool Skirt Project Diagram to apply Velcro strips to the front and back faces of the skirt. If necessary, reinforce them with dabs of construction adhesive.

Step 7

Stencil the stool skirt.

Place the stencil on the outside face of the skirt and dab paint on the surface using a lightly loaded brush. Avoid pressing paint beneath the edges of the stencil openings. Repeat to achieve the pattern you like.

Step 8

Completed stenciled stool.

Press the band of Velcro tape on the inside face of the skirt against the band around the stool and hold the ends of the fabric closed using Velcro patches.

Good to Know

Customize the stool for different times of the year by making substitute skirts. Change the fabric color, use a different stencil, or add painted stripes to suit your decor.

Create a Matching Pillow

Step 1

To create a pillow with the same stencil pattern using a drop cloth or the fabric of your choice, first cut the front 1 inch larger than the pillow form you’ll use. Cut the back 1 inch wider and 4 inches longer than the pillow form.

Step 2

Cut the back piece into two equal pieces along its width. Where each piece was cut, double-fold and sew 1/4-inch hems.

Step 3

Stencil the front piece, centering the design on the fabric and keeping it at least 1 inch from the edges.

Step 4

Stenciled pillow with a snowflake design.

Lay the two back pieces on the front piece with sides together. The overlapping back hems should face up near the center. Pin the pieces and sew them together with 1/2-inch seams. Turn the pillow cover right side out to hide the seams. Insert the pillow form.