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Support a homeowner with a community of expertise
We know that our customers’ time is precious. This is why we continue to identify more ways to assist them both inside and outside the store. In 2010, our store employees began using a business community portal that puts them in touch with fellow employees throughout our chain. Through this portal they are able to communicate with one another and offer solutions to the questions they encounter every day.

In early 2011, we launched a tool for all product categories on that gives customers the ability to ask product-specific questions and receive answers from a variety of sources, including the community, Lowe’s employees or product vendors.

With these systems, our employees can provide more in-depth advice in the store or wherever the customer needs, allowing customers to more easily complete their home improvement projects.

We know that customers expect simplicity and want the shopping experience to be as seamless as possible. This is why we are focused on providing the support customers want in the format that is most convenient for them.