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Power Cord Safety Tips

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These tips will help you understand the differences between different electrical cords and learn how to use them safely.

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Use Extension Cords Safely and Effectively

Exercise caution when using an extension cord. If your power tool draws more current than your cord can handle, you could start a fire. Before using your power cord, consider the following:

  • Match your cord to the work environment, whether indoor or outdoor. Outdoor-rated cords have durable covers to protect from weather and damage.
  • Make sure the number of prongs (two or three) fit the outlet you'll be using.
  • Get a cord that meets the amperage requirements of the tool you're using. Read the owner’s manual for assistance.
  • Keep the cord’s gauge in mind for maximum output. The lower the gauge number, the more power the cord delivers.
  • Remember that more isn't better with cord length. The longer the cord, the less power is delivered to the item you're powering. Keep both gauge and length in mind when selecting a power cord.

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