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Tool Storage Buying Guide

Use these tool storage ideas to get your garage, shed or workshop organized. Explore your options for how to best store your tools.

Tool Storage Options -Tool Chest.

Hooks and Wall Hangers

Pegboard with Hooks and Tools.

Hooks and hangers are wall-mounted storage options that keep tools within easy reach of work benches and other work areas. Pegboard-mounted hooks and hangers offer a highly configurable solution that you can expand or rearrange as needed.

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Tool Bags

Tool Bag with Tools.

Tool bags are durable fabric or leather bags for storing and carrying tools. The bags are lightweight and feature handles, shoulder straps or both for easy portability. Zipper closures protect the tools and keep them contained, while an open-mouth design allows easy access and visibility. Look for internal and external pockets and loops as well as trays to keep the tools and other items where they belong and to make them easy to find. You also can find bags with wheels and telescoping handles to make transport easier.

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Good to Know

Similar to bags, some tool organizers fit over five-gallon buckets, turning the buckets into tool totes.

Tool Boxes

Tool Box with Tools.

Tool boxes or cases are available in steel as well as plastic, polypropylene and structural foam. Drawers on some tool boxes let you lay out and organize your tools for ready access. Some tool boxes include trays and organizers you can remove and take with you. Cantilever tool boxes have trays or bins that spread outward when you open them, giving you a clearer view of your tools. Look for large capacities and lockable lids for security. Wheeled tool boxes are also available, making it easier to get heavier tool collections to your worksite. Watch our video: What Should I Put in My Tool Box?

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Tool Cabinets and Chests

Tool Cabinet.

Tool cabinets and chests give you increased storage capacity over tool boxes. These steel storage solutions have drawers in different depths and configurations, allowing you store and organize a variety of tools. Some include liners to help protect the drawers as well as your tools. Many offer heavy duty, lockable casters so you can roll them where you need them or secure them in place. Keyed locks are available on some models, as are power strips with surge protectors. You can also find versions that include built-in lights, clocks or electronics such as MP3 and CD players.

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Good to Know

Some toolboxes and tool chest drawer liners have a built-in corrosion inhibitor to further protect your tools.

Truck Tool Boxes

Truck Tool Box.

Truck tool boxes are for storing and transporting tools on a truck. Some can also function as standalone storage. These storage solutions typically have steel or aluminum construction and either single or double lids that lock. Truck tool boxes are available in a variety of sizes and styles, so make sure you find a model that will fit your vehicle.

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