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Lay a Stepping Stone Walkway

Looking for an uncomplicated way to change your landscape? Whether they are round, square or irregularly shaped, the method for installing and laying out stepping stones is the same. Place stones across a well-traveled part of the lawn to reduce wear on the grass and to provide a stable surface for walking.

Stepping Stone Walkway.

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Create Your Stone Walkway

Before you start, make sure you have enough stones to complete your path. Wear sturdy boots and gloves during installation.


Be careful when working with the stones. Bend your knees and lift with your legs to avoid injury.

Step 1

Lay the stones out along the planned path. Walk their length, rearranging them as needed. Your feet should land squarely on the stones when you take normal strides.


Before beginning any excavation, check for underground utilities. Call the North America One Call Referral Service at 1-888-258-0808 (or just dial 811) for a national directory of utility companies.

Step 2

Once the stones are in place, trace their shape in the ground by cutting around the edges of each stone with a sharp, long-handled spade.

Step 3

Remove the grass under the stone. Make sure you slice deeply enough to get below the roots.

Step 4

Push a spade under the turf to lift it out, then set the turf on a tarp. If you choose to use the sod later, set it aside in a cool place and water it.

Step 5

Place the stones and add builder's sand to the hole to level them. Ultimately you want the stones flush with the ground. They will settle eventually, so add sand until they sit slightly above the surface. If you like, you can add mulch around the stones.