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Cut Patio Block

Follow these simple instructions the next time you need to cut patio block for your patio and paver projects.

Block Wall.

Splitting and Cutting Patio Block

To Split a Block

Use a hammer and chisel to score the block on all sides. Pound the chisel on the score line until the block splits.

To Cut a Block

Use a circular saw with a masonry blade.

To Cut a 90-Degree Mitered Corner

Use a circular saw with a masonry blade. Cut a 45-degree angle on two blocks. Glue the cut sides together with exterior-grade concrete adhesive so the two faces form the finished outside corner.


Always wear eye protection and work gloves when splitting block. If you use a power saw to cut block, you'll also need hearing protection and a dust mask. Follow the saw and blade manufacturer's instructions for use and safety.