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Install a Tub Surround or Shower Surround

Lowe's provides 11 easy steps on how you can update your bathroom with a shower or tub surround installation.

Tub or Shower Surround


Step 1

Remove the spout, faucet handles and any accessories (soap dish, grab bar, etc.).

Step 2

Repair any damaged spots in the walls. If you're installing the surround over ceramic tile, scuff the tile with coarse sandpaper to improve the grip of the adhesive.

Step 3

Clean the joint between the tub and the wall. Recaulk if necessary.

Step 4

Using the tub / shower surround carton for a template, mark the location of the faucet handles, spout and any other items that will protrude through the wall. Cut out the holes and use those to mark the locations of the holes on the tub / shower surround panels.

Step 5

Use a hole saw or a jigsaw to cut out the holes in the panels.

Step 6

Hold the panels in place, paying attention to the order of installation prescribed by the manufacturer. Make sure the holes are in the right places.

Step 7

While a helper holds the panels in place, mark the location of their top and side lines on the wall. Make sure the panels will be level and plumb. Consult the manufacturer's directions for what tool to use if you need to cut a panel. A sharp utility knife will work in many cases, but some materials may call for a jigsaw.

Step 8

Apply the Adhesive

Apply adhesive according to the directions. Pay attention to any instructions that call for exposing the spread-on glue to air for a time before affixing the panels. If you don't allow the adhesive to set up this way, the bond won't be as strong.

Step 9

Attach the panels to the walls in the order instructed by the manufacturer, and let the adhesive dry according to the directions on the package. If you don't let the adhesive dry properly before using the tub / shower, the panels may not stick to the wall properly.

Step 10

Replace the faucet's handles, spout and other hardware.

Step 11

Seal all the joints with caulk. Let the caulk dry as directed before using the tub or shower.

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