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Christmas Lights


Get in the Christmas spirit
with savings on Christmas Trees,
yard inflatables and more.

While supplies last.
Offers end 12/2/15.


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Be the talk of the town. Create a dazzling
light display on the side of your house or
any flat surface.


Spread the joy of the season with
these inspired ideas.


Create a luminous holiday
decoration with LED candles,
translucent columns and a metal tray.


Make your house merry and
bright with these easy tricks. 


Take a few minutes to line a
walkway or patio with these
simple lanterns. You'll like
what you see.


One bad bulb can spoil the bunch.
Follow these guidelines to make
sure your lights work properly.


Two buckets, water, candles and
evergreen clippings are all you
need to create outdoor luminaries
that glow and glisten. 


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Christmas Lights at Lowe’s

It's just not Christmas without lights. Lights come in different shapes, sizes and colors. Use string lights to make any surface look festive. Brighten things up with LED Christmas lights. Don't have an outlet close? Browse our battery-operated Christmas lights, or grab an extension cord. Pull out all the stops with our outdoor Christmas lights: Use icicle lights, rope lights and Christmas net lights to make your house the best-lit home on the block. Or use a Christmas light projector to help create a unique Christmas light show that will make passers-by want to know your secret. Secure your lights in place with Christmas light clips, and control when your lights go off with Christmas light timers. Keep things traditional with white Christmas lights, or start a new tradition with C9 Christmas lights. Make sure your lights are in working order before you decorate with a Christmas light tester. Have a bulb that's out? Use a lightkeeper to fix any bad bulbs you might have, and keep your lights burning brighter and longer. But most of all enjoy the season!