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Use Hardware to Decorate Halloween Pumpkins

Brought to you by Lowe's Creative Ideas

Need a quick-and-easy way to decorate a plain pumpkin? Turn a handful of hardware into pumpkin eyes, noses, smiles, and more.


Lucky-Number Pumpkin

What's your lucky number? Try this simple idea: Decorate a plain pumpkin with house numbers (#214370, #214368). Start with a white pumpkin. Drill pilot holes in the pumpkin to make attaching the numbers easier. Not sure which numerals to display? Use your address number, and place it near your front door to greet guests. Or, add your favorite digits and use it inside.


Mop-of-Hair Pumpkin

Create a hairy situation by crowning a pumpkin with a mop top. Knobs make great eyes and a nose, while a drawer handle makes a perfect smile. Make attaching the hardware easier by drilling pilot holes in the pumpkin where you plan to insert the hardware.


Goofy-Eyes Pumpkin

Want a pumpkin that will make everyone smile? Add goofy eyes with bolts and washers. Finish off the face with decorative upholstery nails (#58197) for the smile and eye screws for hair.


Stencil-and-Studs Pumpkin

Pumpkin decorating isn't just for Halloween. Design a pumpkin that will celebrate fall any week you choose. Start by painting a black (#57994) circle the size of a stencil on the front of a pumpkin. Download and print the flower stencil. Next pin or tape the stencil to the pumpkin. Outline the pattern by poking holes about a quarter of an inch apart with a pin or sharp object. Follow the outline to carve out designs. Finish with a circular border of decorative black upholstery nails (#58201).