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Frosted Votive Jars

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Create elegant mood lights out of simple canning jars. They make great gifts for Mom -- and work as bath candles, dining table centerpieces, or in other areas of the home.

Frosted votive jars

Project Overview

Skill Level


Estimated Time

Few hours

Estimated Cost


Tools and Materials


  • Painter's tape
  • Crafts knife
  • Pencil
  • Candles


  • 1 package wide mouth quart jars, #113011
  • Valspar spray paint: Frosting, Frosty Berry, Everglade Glen

Items may be Special Order in some stores. Product costs, availability, and item numbers may vary online or by market. Paint colors may vary slightly from those shown. Availability varies by market for lumber species and sizes.

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Step 1

Wash canning jars with soap and water. Let dry.

Step 2

Download our Mom Stencil or create your own and trace it onto painter's tape. Cut the stencil out with a crafts knife and stick it on a jar.

Step 3

Apply three light coats of Valspar Frosting spray paint to the jar. Let dry and remove the stencil.

Step 4

Remove the center of the lid and spray-paint the rim (we used Valspar Frosty Berry and Everglade Glen). Add a candle, then get glowing!