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Build-It-Yourself Birdhouses

Brought to you by Lowe's Creative Ideas

We asked our designers to spread their creative wings with DIY birdhouses. The result? A mix of budget-friendly digs that will leave you all atwitter.

Build-it-yourself birdhouses

Blue Birdhouse

Two bluebird silhouettes and a plastic pipe fitting are all you need to build this birdhouse that can rest on a table, hang from a wall, or twirl from a string.

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Veneer Sphere Birdhouse

Use simple strips of wood veneer edge banding to form a brilliant decorative birdhouse. Our how-to video will help you get the ball rolling.

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Mailbox Birdhouse

Here's an easy project worth writing home about: Turn an ordinary plastic mailbox into an extraordinary home for feathered friends.

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Cuckoo Clock Birdhouse

This simple birdhouse made from easy-to-cut wood reinterprets the distinctive look of kids' Lincoln Logs projects.

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Ceiling Medallion Birdhouses

Have beginner skills and a couple of hours? Repurpose a pair of ceiling medallions to create cute, decorative birdhouses.

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Wood Shim Birdhouse

Get crafty with this surprisingly simple wall display. The best part? One birdhouse costs less than $2 if you make 12 of them.

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Tall Birdhouse Trio

Build a tall trio of birdhouses for indoor decorating. Or, insert them over 4"x4" posts outdoors as homes for the birds.

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Cinder Block Birdhouse

Learn how to transform a hefty cinder block into a nifty birdhouse.

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Industrial Birdhouse

This isn't your grandma's birdhouse -- steel yourself for a decorative version with a sleek, modern look.

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