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Good to Know: Brush and Roll

Brought to you by Lowe's Creative Ideas

Foam or bristle? Short nap or long? Find out how to get the perfect tool to paint your project.

There are lots of brush choices. Foam is best for latex paints. Use them for quick touch ups, small jobs, and on flat smooth surfaces. They are a great price and clean up quickly. Bristle brushes can be synthetic or natural. Synthetic can be used with oil or water based paints. Natural bristle brushes are best with oil based paints. Make sure you're using the best brush for your needs - smaller trim brushes for detail work, broader brushes for larger areas, and rollers when you need to cover a lot of space. Frames and covers for rollers come in different sizes depending on your job. and different textures for different surfaces. Smooth walls need a shorter nap, textured walls need longer naps. And just like a brush - the better quality you buy the better the results.

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