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Keep Your Lawn Green

Brought to you by Lowe's Creative Ideas

A green, healthy lawn is one that's free of weeds and pests. Here are 3 tips in 30 seconds to help keep your lawn looking great.

  1. Weed and Feed. You can kill weeds that are already visible with a post-emergent weed killer. Use one that's mixed with fertilizer to keep your grass growing strong.
  2. Apply when wet. You want the granules to stick to your grass, so apply in the morning when there's dew on the ground -- or right after you've lightly watered the lawn. To prevent runoff, make sure there's no rain in the forecast for two days.
  3. Control Pests. You can keep uninvited guests out of your yard with a pesticide. Organic pesticides are a great way to treat your lawn and garden naturally. Perfect for when you're growing veggies.

There you have it. 3 tips in 30 seconds. Now get out there - It's time to spring!