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Garden Decor Ideas

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These easy DIY projects add color and whimsy to gardens and outdoor living spaces. Follow the simple instructions to build your own trellis, birdhouse, garden fountain, and more.

Garden accessories

Trellis Ideas

Give your climbing garden plants a pathway off the ground with these easy-to-make trellis projects.

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DIY Garden Fountain

Looking for a soothing addition to your outdoor retreat? Spring into action with this lovely fountain.

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Garden Screen

Learn how to combine two wall trellises to create an upright screen that adds vertical interest to a yard and helps to support and protect plants.

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Clay Pot Garden Decoration

Brighten a spot in your garden by adorning a tomato cage with painted pots.

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Creative Planter Ideas

Skip the plain terra-cotta pot and opt for a custom creation. Use our DIY instructions to create a one-of-a-kind flower planter.

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Hanging Birdbath Planter

Treat birds to a sip of water while you treat yourself to the greenery growing from this hanging planter that doubles as a birdbath.

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PVC Sleeve Planters

Scatter these planters as lawn or landscape accents. Or arrange them in rows to form edging that also becomes part of your garden.

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Flower Pot Garden Chime

Follow these simple instructions to create a wind chime out of clay planters.

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Create Flowery Garden Ornaments

Make this colorful garden ornament from metal and wood, and it will bloom every day of the year.

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Ornamental Butterfly House

Create a whimsical garden ornament that you can paint or finish to suit the color of your home or garden.

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Lawn Orbs

Paint these graceful lawn scultpures to add drama and color to your yard or garden. They're easy-to-build and last for years.

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Flowery Birdbath

Create a stylish garden focal point that also pleases our fine feathered friends.

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Outdoor Hanging Sculpture

Turn a dull wooden fence into a backdrop for this colorful work of art you can make in a weekend. It also works as indoor wall art.

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Two-Tier Patio Water Fountain

Listen to the soft burble of water spilling over rocks in this DIY fountain you can add to your deck or patio.

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