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Fine Lines Wine Rack

Brought to you by Lowe's Creative Ideas

Combine convenient storage with wall art. This sleek six-bottle wine rack is a perfect fit in the kitchen or dining room.

wine rack

Project Overview

Skill Level


Estimated Time

1 day

Estimated Cost


Tools and Materials


  • Miter saw
  • Drill with bits and #8 countersink
  • Random-orbit sander with abrasive disks
  • Mill file
  • Carpenter's square
  • Clamps
  • Paintbrush and rags


  • 8-ounce Titebond interior wood glue, #86091
  • 1 quart Minwax mahogany gel stain, #101258
  • Minwax 11.5-ounce semigloss aerosol polyurethane, #45873
  • 3M between-coats finishing pad, #44655
  • #8×1¾" flathead wood screws
  • 1/4"×3' aluminum rod, #216090
  • 6" Hangman picture-hanging system, #56156
  • Waxman 1/2" square bumper pads, #55660
  • See Cutting Diagram for lumber list

Material Options:

  • Oak, aspen, maple, and clear pine are great alternative wood choices for this project

Items may be Special Order in some stores. Product costs, availability, and item numbers may vary online or by market. Paint colors may vary slightly from those shown. Availability varies by market for lumber species and sizes.

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Detail view of wine rack

No room for a wine cellar? Just store and showcase your favorite vintages on this compact rack—and impress friends with your handiwork.

Assemble the Shelf

Step 1

From a 1"×8", cut to length the back A; from a 1"×4", cut shelves B and the top shelf C to length (Cutting Diagram, Cutting List).

Step 2

Drill 1/4" holes 1/2" deep in the shelves for the retainer pins (Wine Rack). Sand the parts with 220-grit sandpaper.

Step 3

To locate the repetitive pin holes in the shelves, make a pin-hole drilling jig. Use a scrap from the 1"×4" and a piece of ½"×1½"×24" poplar. Cut the ½" poplar to fit the edge and end of the 1"×4" to make positioning cleats and nail them in place. The cleats locate the jig in the same position on each shelf.

Good to Know

Drilling holes of equal depth is easy if you use a piece of painter's tape as a flag on the drill bit to indicate the hole depth. Place tape 11/4" from the end of the bit, allowing for the thickness of the jig and the hole depth into the shelf.

Step 4

Attach the bottom shelf by drilling countersunk pilot holes on the back for the bottom shelf. Apply glue, clamp the shelf, let the glue set for 15 minutes, and then drive the screws.

Step 5

To ensure even spacing, cut two 4"- long scrap spacers and place them on the bottom shelf. Set the next shelf in position and secure it with screws. Repeat for the remaining shelves.

Step 6

For an even tone on a soft, light-colored wood like poplar, apply 3 coats of gel stain, allowing the stain to dry for 2 hours between coats. Then apply a clear protective finish according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Step 7

To make the retainer pins, cut 1/4" aluminum rod into 1" lengths with a hacksaw. Clean the cut ends of the pins with a mill file. Then use an abrasive pad to give the remainder of the exposed pin a nice sheen.

Step 8

Add the Hangman picture-hanging system using the screws supplied. Center the hanger on the back 3" from the top. Secure the corresponding bracket to your wall, driving the center screw into a stud or using a hollow wall anchor. (The hanger includes a handy built-in level.)

Step 9

Add two rubber bumper pads to the lower back and hang the rack on your wall. Now fill it with bottles of your favorite vintages.

Step 10

drill with tape

Use a piece of painter's tape as a flag to indicate the proper drilling depth when you drill the holes with the pin-hole jig.

Step 11


Chuck 3/8" of each pin in a drill. With the drill flat on your bench for stability, spin the pin against a file. Buff the pin with an abrasive pad.