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Tips on Shade Loving Plants

Brought to you by Lowe's Creative Ideas

In this informative video, Lowe's gardening expert Erika Vetrini gives suggestions on plants you can add to your garden if it gets more shade than light.

Have you always wanted a garden full of vibrant colors, but you have less than 6 hours of sun a day? No sun no problem. There are plenty of different shade loving plants that do not require full sun, and prefer shaded areas that can make your garden beautiful.

The caladium is a beautiful shaded plant and can be potted or buried in the garden adding vibrant reds and greens. Impatients are shade loving annuals, that can be set at the base of a tree, window boxes or in the ground. They come in single and double form and in many colors. Fuchsia's add an array of colors reds and pinks. Hostas are the king of shaded plants. They come in an array of greens and cover a huge area. Turn your garden into the one you've always wanted!