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Summer Vegetable Garden Plan

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This simple vegetable garden plan will give you plenty of variety without too much fuss. The garden plan features all your favorite summer vegetables, including tomatoes, peppers, and beans.

Summer Vegetable Garden Plan

Save money and eat more healthfully with this small-space summer garden plan. It features the most popular summer crops, along with paths to make it easier to tend and harvest plants. Tomato cages and a trellis save space so you can plant even more intensively. The garden is about 8'x8' and should be placed in full sun.

Plant List

A) Pole beans
B) Basil
C) Lettuce
D) Red-leaf lettuce
E) Sauce tomatoes (e.g., Roma)
F) Cherry tomatoes
G) Slicing tomatoes
H) Bush-type cucumbers
I) Swiss chard
J) Hot peppers
K) Sweet peppers