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Starting Seeds in Peat Pots

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Make seed starting easier than ever. Peat pellets expand when watered to make handy biodegradable seed starters.

Seedling in peat pot
watering peat pellet

Moisten Peat Pot Pellets
These pellets, which look like thick poker chips, expand into barrel-shaped peat pots when water is added. Place the expanded peat pots on a tray.

sowing seed

Sow Seeds
Peat pots are especially suited to germinating medium-size to large seeds. Follow seed packet directions, which will also provide suitable sowing dates based on the species of plant and region you live in.

Care and Transplanting
Put the tray in a warm spot within 3-4 inches of fluorescent lights kept on 14-16 hours a day. Water regularly. After seedlings develop second set of true leaves, feed weekly with a water-soluble fertilizer (diluted to quarter strength). Transplant according to seed packet recommendations.



snipping off second stem

If sowing multiple seeds in a peat pot (usually done with older seeds that may germinate at lower rates), wait to see which seedlings develop. Save the strongest, then snip off the others. This will allow the remaining seedling to develop to its fullest.