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Small Space Raised Vegetable Bed

See how many vegetables and herbs you can grow in a small space.

Garden plan for 4'x4' bed of vegetables and herbs.

A deep, raised bed filled with a rich, nutritious soil mix provides plenty of room for root development. That's why you can pack this 4'x4' bed full of healthful, tasty vegetables and herbs. Attaching a trellis to the back of the bed takes advantage of vertical growing space. Most of these plants like cooler temperatures, so they can be switched out with heat lovers in summer.

Plant List

A. Parsley
B. Radish
C. Beets
D. Dill
E. Broccoli
F. Romaine lettuce
G. Scallions
H. Peas
I. Cabbage
J. Arugula
K. Carrots
L. Swiss chard
M. Chives
N. Cilantro