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How to Combine Terrarium Plants

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Terrariums are easy to make. Plus, they're a low-maintenance - and gorgeous - way to enjoy a miniature garden year-round.

how to choose a terrarium container

To make a terrarium, you’ll need a glass container, gravel, potting soil, and dwarf houseplants.

1. Choose a container. You can use a fishbowl, large glass vase, or a small conservatory created just for a terrarium. Generally, a terrarium should be made with a clear glass vessel that’s partially or entirely closed. Unlike most plant containers, it should not have a drainage hole.

2. Add 2 to 3 inches of gravel to the bottom of the container. This looks pretty and helps with soil drainage. Then add at least 4 inches of potting soil.

Terrarium plants

3. Plant. Dwarf houseplants are the best choices. Your Lowe’s garden center has a great assortment.

Combine several types:

  • Use a tall plant to add structure and height.
  • Add a creeping groundcover to spread at the base.
  • Make a focal point that’s colorful and bright.


fairy garden terrarium

4 (optional). Decorate. You can create a miniature forest using ferns, bark, and pinecones. Or, pack the container full of tropical plants to look like a jungle, add figurines to make a fairy garden, go Jurassic with a dinosaur, or Zen it up by adding a small cluster of polished stones.

Terrariums don’t require much water. The enclosed glass reduces airflow around the plants and helps keep the whole environment moist. Give your terrarium a good spritzing when the soil feels dry. The plants will thrive beautifully in this miniature ecosystem.