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Orchids: Exotic Beauties

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Once considered finicky hothouse plants, orchids have a new, carefree manner. These delicate flowers are more beautiful and easier to grow than ever.

Orchid roots

Orchid Care

Most orchids bloom once or twice a year, but their dazzling flowers last for several months. Follow these tips to help keep your orchids in good health:

  • Water when the bark surrounding the orchid becomes dry. To prevent rot, water in the morning so the leaves are dry before night. Water thoroughly, but not too frequently. Most orchid casualties are caused by overwatering.
  • Place plants in a spot with indirect sunlight and air movement. Air circulation keeps the temperature uniform and helps prevent disease.
  • Fertilize orchids on a regular schedule. Most orchids prefer twice-a-month feedings.
  • Repot orchids when the bark breaks down and becomes hard and compact.