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Improving Indoor Air Quality with Plants

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In this video, learn what plants you can use to improve indoor air quality, and how to care for them.

There are three popular types of indoor plants that can be used to filter the air in your home: anthuriums, spathiphyllums and pteridophytas. Anthuriums, or flamingo flowers, are known for their shiny leaves and heart shape flowers. These flowers bloom all year round, so not only are they natural air filters but they are beautiful to place around your house. Another type of air filtering flower is the spathiphyllum, or the peace lily. These are great flowers because they can be placed in either high or low light areas. The last type of air filtering flower is the pteridophyta, or the fern. These are very popular house plants as they can be found in high or low light areas and come in a variety of textures. Finally, if you decide to get a plant that improves air quality, here are some tips to keep them healthy: 1. Never let them get below 50 degrees 2. Keep soil moist 3. Fertilize every 2 to 4 months.