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Zigzag Table Runner

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Add spice to an outdoor meal even before the food arrives. This table runner made from a painted drop cloth will add fun color to your festivities.

Table runner on picnic table

Project Overview

Skill Level


Estimated Time

1 day

Estimated Cost


Tools & Materials


  • 2-in foam brushes
  • Sewing machine
  • Iron
  • Spray adhesive
  • Straightedge
  • Ruler


  • 15-ft x 4-ft 10-ounce canvas drop cloth
  • Valspar Signature paint: First Kiss (#CI 220), Cherry Pickin’ (#CI 221), Orange Crush (#CI 224), Gone Bananas (#CI 233), Kiwi Splash (#CI 237), Dive In (#CI 249), Hang Ten (#CI 251)

Items may be Special Order in some stores. Product costs, availability, and item numbers may vary online or by market. Paint colors may vary slightly from those shown.

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Project Resources


Step 1

From a washed and ironed drop cloth, cut a piece 90 inches long by 18 inches wide. Sew seams around the edges and iron flat for a runner that’s about 88 inches by 16 inches.

Step 2

Print the downloadable patterns, apply spray adhesive to the back and attach them to a piece of cardboard, such as a discarded cereal box or poster board. Cut out the patterns with scissors, a utility knife, and a straightedge or ruler.

Step 3

Measure and mark lines 1-1/2 inches from the edges of the fabric. Then measure and mark the center of each edge. Place the straight edge of the scalloped template on the inset line at one end and experiment with working out from the center line to the edge. Leave the same pattern shapes at both ends of the line. Trace the scallop pattern. Repeat for the other end and the sides.

Step 4

Trace pattern shapes on the canvas
Make pencil marks as light as possible to eliminate the chance they’ll show through the paint.

Place the zigzag pattern with one end on the center mark of the inset line. Trace the pattern to the inset lines on the long edges. Flip the pattern over and do the same for the other side. Use the pencil lines as a guide to reposition the pattern and add more rows until you reach the opposite end of the table runner. Mark the color you want to assign to every other row.

Step 5

Add color to the rows of zigzags
Fill in the colors. We used a total of seven different shades.

Begin by painting the scallop shape using a 1-inch foam brush or artist’s brush. After that dries, begin painting the rows of zigzags with a 2-inch foam brush. Carefully cover your pencil marks to leave unpainted rows between each color.

Step 6

Allow the paint to dry overnight in a well-ventilated area before using.