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Holiday Centerpieces

Brought to you by Lowe's Creative Ideas

Set the table for company with an easy-to-make centerpiece that suits your personal style.

Holiday Centerpiece vases with table runner

Holiday Vases and Table Runners

Wrapped in Wood

Give old vases a stunning new look. Wrap round vases with whitewashed veneer (#40380); make three or four for about $19. We'll even provide you the step-by-step instructions.

 Tray with a mix of hardware and natural materials

Eclectic Harvest Mix

Fill assorted canning jars with metal chain, critter mix (#130331), and wood biscuits (#356660, #356662) coated with metallic spray paint. End-of-season blooms and seed heads add color. Place the jars on a simple wood tray adorned with colorful leaves. Stencil a runner with falling leaves to complete the setting.

Starry Nights

Add glamour to your Hanukkah table with a mix of metals. Take any plain glass vase you have on hand and use painter's tape to mask off about two-thirds up from the bottom. Then spray-paint the lower portion in copper, gold, or silver. Insert candles. A stenciled runner adds more shine. You can also view detailed instructions and tips for making these vases.