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Halloween Decorating Ideas

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Step up your Halloween decorations with these projects you can make yourself.

Wire screen and orb pumpkins, wind chimes

Screen Pumpkins

Paint and assemble these stylized pumpkins in an afternoon. Use them on their own or as a way to illuminate your other Halloween decorations.

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Metal Orb Pumpkin

Give the classic Halloween pumpkin a new look you can display inside or outdoors. Turn metal straps into a pumpkin-shaped orb with a stylish green stem.

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Halloween Wind Chimes

Assemble odds and ends from your workshop or the Lowe’s hardware aisle to build Frankenchimes -- clanking Halloween wind chimes.

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DIY Halloween Decorations

Do fright right. Haunt your home with these easy-to-make Halloween decorations.

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Pumpkin Wall Art

Decorate your walls with this fall-theme pumpkin print you can frame yourself.

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