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Christmas Decorating Tips

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Get ideas for how to decorate your house for Christmas with video tips on choosing a tree, lighting your Christmas tree, and hanging ornaments.

Christmas decorations around fireplace

How to Light a Tree

There are three basic approaches to lighting a Christmas tree: wrapping lights in circles from top to bottom, weaving lights among the branches, and wrapping lights around each branch. Choose the system that works best for you.

How to Light a Christmas Tree

How to Hang Any Decoration

Different decorations and surfaces call for a mix of hangers. Try these simple solutions for hanging your holiday decorations without leaving behind damaged surfaces. Options include removable hooks and no-holes wreath hooks.

How to Hang Holiday Decor

How to Choose an Artificial Tree

Choosing between fresh and fake just got tougher. When it comes to choosing the tree of your holiday dreams, choose from inexpensive shredded PVC needles or more realistic polyethylene. Then choose the tree size that works for your display space.

View our Interactive Guide to Artificial Trees

Choosing the Right Christmas Tree