Lowe's Home Improvement

Carnival Fun Food

Brought to you by Lowe's Creative Ideas

Bring the fun food from a carnival to the convenience of your kitchen with handy appliances that'll have your favorites ready in a flash.

Prepare carnival favorites using four different appliances from Lowe's.

A mini donut maker from Nostalgia Electrics (#67074) bakes, fries, and pops out a mini doughnut in less than 60 seconds. Flavor them with powdered sugar and cinnamon for mini tasty treats.

Use the Cotton Candy Maker™ (#67520) to make colorful cotton candy in different flavors. Use either a flavored sugar or hard candy --Jolly Ranchers, for example -- to make your favorite treat.

On movie night, it's time for bowls overflowing with popcorn from an old-fashioned popcorn maker (#359962) also from Nostalgia Electrics. Add popcorn kernels and oil, turn it on for 5 minutes, and empty the kettle into the popcorn bin for a hot, fresh snack.

Finally, make evenly cooked hot dogs on the Retro Series™ hot dog roller (#64629) while it heats the buns in an overhead compartment.