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2 x 2 Wall Art

Brought to you by Lowe's Creative Ideas

We challenged our staff designers to create works of art with basic plywood squares. Starting with 2' x 4' plywood sheets cut in half, they came up with amazing creations. Inspired? Try making one of these easy projects yourself.

A collection of easy projects using plywood squares to create wall art

3-D Wall Art

This freeform wall-art project is easy. Just cut out shapes from cardboard and other materials, then glue them to a plywood board in any configuration you like.

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Color Gradient Wall Art

Add color to your walls with this graphic piece of DIY artwork. Craft boards, paint, and plywood are all you need to assemble this quick-and-easy wall art.

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Hardware Monogram Wall Art

Use washers and hex nuts to create one-of-a-kind wall art. Arrange these pieces on a colorful plywood square for easy DIY artwork.

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Wood Square Circle Wall Art

Create a graphic piece of wall art with a square of plywood and sections of craft board. This design will look good in a bedroom, living room, or any other room.

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String Wall Art

Want to make a big impression with just a little effort? Get in the string of things with this quick-and-easy wall-art project.

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Subway Sign Wall Art

Make a piece of DIY artwork with the look of a vintage subway sign. It's an easy project you can complete in no time -- just follow these instructions to the letter.

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Suzani-Style Wall Art

An embroidered textile from Central Asia called suzani inspired this awesome piece of wall art.

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Threaded Word Wall Art

Display a favorite word, phrase, or symbol with this easy wall-art project. All it takes is plywood, trimmer line, and about an hour of your time.

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Cut Signs Wall Art

Cut plastic "Exit" and "Keep Out" yard signs and arrange them on a plywood square to create easy and cool-looking DIY wall art in just a few hours.

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Floating Photo Frame

Display your favorite photos in easy-to-make photo frames. Use plywood and clear acrylic sheets to make each floating photo frame.

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Easy Tree Wall Art

Bring the outdoors in with this simple, woodsy art project. Made from plywood and paint, you can complete it in a weekend.

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