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12 Christmas Trimmings for your Guest Room

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Transform a bah-humbug bedroom and bath into a welcoming suite for holiday guests with a few -- or all 12 -- of these easy, budget-friendly decorating projects.

Transform a bah-humbug bedroom and bath into a welcoming suite for holiday guests with a few -- or all 12 -- of these easy, budget-friendly decorating projects.

Visiting family members and out-of-town friends deserve a comfortable spot to rest and refresh when they stay in your home. Fortunately, hosting holiday guests is a snap when you rely on these quick ideas to boost comfort and Christmas-time cheer. And best of all, these easy upgrades can offer year-round enjoyment with just a few minor tweaks.


Say Hello with a Sweet Side Table

Greet your guests with their own mini tree decorated with berries, snow, and pinecones (#329230). A linen napkin tied around the base softens the look and coordinates with nearby bedding. Personalize a frame by brushing on chalk¬board paint (#203261); write a friendly greeting with chalk markers. Insert a favorite photo of you and your guest as a final touch.

Snuggle Up with a Santa Pillow

Transform a velvet Santa suit (#270336) into a charming pillow with belted accent. Encourage guests to curl up with a bedtime story by tying together a few favorite holiday books with ribbon.

Give Off a Warm Glow

Make the bed a haven of cozy calm by adding soft lighting. Use a cordless drill and basic hand tools to quickly hang a pair of wall-mount arm sconces (#266233) and plug them into nearby receptacles. Use a needle and yarn to embroider the cloth shades with a simple design (such as leaves, stripes, or zigzags) that looks great during the holiday -- and beyond.

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Highlight the Headboard

Center a colorful berry wreath (#329211) over the bed to make this area a focal point.

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Take Care of Tired Travelers

Make guests feel at home with a sign directing them to amenities. Remove the clip from a clipboard and apply a layer of chalkboard paint (#203261). Thread a ribbon through the holes in the top of the board and write a note with a chalk marker. Hang from the cabinet, drawer, or closet where you store extra supplies.

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Please Their Palettes

Set up a petite coffee and snack bar inside a cabinet or on a side table. Place a 4-cup coffee maker (#19338) on a convenient tray and accompany with mugs, napkins, and treats.

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Slip into Serenity

Give your guests a stress-free space to bathe and groom by painting bathroom walls a cool blue, adding chrome hardware, and supplying lots of fluffy white linens.

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Punch Up Poinsettias

Use scissors to trim clusters of colored leaves from a potted poinsettia and place them in small vases for pops of holiday cheer.

Pamper with Elegant Extras

Wrap bars of soap with holiday papers (#149083 and #147995) and stack them on a small cake stand alongside holiday greens and ornaments (#72079). Sew a little gift bag using leftover fabric from a velvet Santa suit (#270336) and fill with travel-size lotion, deodorant, toothpaste, and other sundries.

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Suggest a Soothing Soak

Spray paint the lids of canning jars (#113004) and fill them with scented bath salts. Wrap strips of decorative paper or ribbon around each jar and secure with an adhesive letter or sticker.

Wrap Up

Install a robe hook (#295298) on a wall or door and provide guests with a downy-soft bath robe. For a jovial touch, spray paint a wooden suit hanger (#325802) and tie on a sprig of greens with a satin ribbon.

Shower with Shimmer and Shine

Convert two cotton twill window panels (#245158) into a shower curtain by hanging them on a single shower rod. Sew large buttons to each tab top and dangle pairs of non-breakable ornaments (#72079) tied together with thin ribbon or decorative string.