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Discover your personal Christmas tree style with a bit of inspiration from these designer trees. You'll find convenient shopping lists of ornaments and materials included for each tree.

Country Christmas Tree

Country treeCreate warm memories around a country Christmas tree. An old-time patchwork tree skirt and flowing, plaid ribbons can create a touching scene to greet visitors.

Make it yours:

Item # / Product

242726 GE 7.5 ft. 900-Light Easy Shape Frasier Fir Artificial Christmas Tree

242272 56 in. Patchwork Tree Skirt

87714 2.5 in. x 30 ft. Plaid Ribbon

351308 6 ft. Green / Red Bead Garland

351303 12-Piece Felt Ornament Set

351300 4-Count Red Plaid Pillow Ornament Set

351301 4-Count Santa Ornament Set

351299 4-Piece Stocking Ornament Set

351373 36 in. Red Berry Pick

351366 2-Count Twig Ornament Set

351361 12-Count Green / Champagne / Red Ornament Set

351346 3-Count Gold Deer Ornament Set

351338 6-Count Red / Gold / Green Shatterproof Ornament Set

351359 68-Count Green / Gold / Red Champagne Shatterproof Ornament Set

Traditional Christmas Tree

Traditional treeRemember Christmas past and enjoy Christmas present. Adorn your tree with some traditional Christmas blooms, such as poinsettia and amaryllis. These vibrant floral touches can be the perfect backdrop for the delicate angel tree topper.

Make it yours:

Item # / Product

76860 Westinghouse 9 ft. 1,000-Light Balsam Fir Artificial Christmas Tree

271930 72 in. Red Velvet Tree Skirt

351273 16 in. Fabric Angel Tree Topper

87094 2.5 in. x 30 ft. Red Ribbon

59958 16 in. Red Poinsettia Pick

351312 4-Count Poinsettia / Amaryllis Ornament Set

351295 7 ft. Red / Gold Twist Bead Garland

351330 12-Count Red / Gold Onion Ornament Set

351290 3-Count Joy / Peace / Noel Ornament Set

351315 8-Count Red / Gold Star Shatterproof Ornament Set

351342 40-Count Red / Gold Ornament Set

351343 24-Count Red / Gold Ornament Set

351317 4-Count Red With Gold Accent Ornament Set

351370 Large Red / Gold Shatterproof Ornament

Blue / White Christmas Tree

Winter TreeWinter white shimmers with brilliant blue and silver. Bring some sparkle into your home for the holidays with a sequin tree skirt to reflect the twinkling lights of your glowing, crystal tree topper.

Make it yours:

Item # / Product

329208 7 ft. 650-Light White Artificial Christmas Tree

346423 56 in. Sequin Tree Skirt

258288 GE 13.5 in. 50-Light Crystal Tree Topper

49979 7 ft. Silver / Clear Ball Garland

117149 40-Count Blue / Silver Ornament Set

80738 4-Count Corkscrew Ornament Set

351404 6-Count Starburst Ornament Set

216425 Large Blue / Silver Shatterproof Ornament

60923 4-Count Blue With Silver Accent Ornament Set

351399 4-Count Blue / White / Silver Ball Ornament Set

351401 8-Count Blue / Silver Finial Ornament Set

54791 4-Count Blue / Silver Shatterproof Ornament Set

54424 6-Count Large Blue / Silver Ball Ornament Set

83641 4-Count Blue / Silver Ornament Set

Candy Cane Christmas Tree

Candy Cane TreeMake sweet memories with a candy cane Christmas. Create a tree that adults and children will adore. Peppermint ornaments and a candy cane tree skirt will make this tree look good enough to eat.

Make it yours:

Item # / Product

243778 7.5 ft. 600-LED-Light Englewood Artificial Christmas Tree

346418 56 in. Candy Cane Tree Skirt

108506 Red Plush Santa Hat

143424 Red Pick

143424 Silver Pick

351417 7 ft. Red / Silver Bead Garland

195211 Large Red / Silver Shatterproof Ornament Set

108465 44-Count Red / Silver Candy Ornament Set

351395 4-Count Shatterproof Pinecone Ornament Set

351412 4-Count Red With Silver Accent Ball Ornament Set

116060 12-Count Red / Silver Onion Ornament Set

351419 4-Count Disco Ball Ornament Set

351393 2-Count Red / White Peppermint Ornament Set

82556 4-Count Red / Silver Ornament Set

351396 24-Count Red / Silver Ornament Set

351413 8-Count Red / Silver Finial Ornament Set

Multi-Christmas Tree

Whimsy TreeBring Christmas wonder and whimsy home with bright lights and color. Glass, fish ornaments surrounded by splashes of pink, green, silver, blue and orange remind us of all the magic that's Christmas.

Make it yours:

Item # / Product

329201 GE 7 ft. 700-Light Slim Aspen Fir Artificial Christmas Tree

346423 56 in. Sequin Tree Skirt

257499 Multicolor Ball Pick

257499 Multicolor Spike Pick

128477 9 ft. Multicolor Garland

72831 6-Count Pink / Green / Silver / Blue / Orange Large Ball Ornament Set

351408 2-Count Glass Funky Tree Ornament Set

66038 8-Count Shatterproof Blue / Pink / Green / Orange Drop Ornament Set

351407 2-Count Glass Fish Ornament Set

195192 Shatterproof Ornament Set in Assorted Colors and Sizes

136570 12-Count Pink / Blue / Orange / Green / Silver Onion Ornament Set

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