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Create a Cobble Patio Overlay With Patio Stones

Create a Cobble Patio Overlay With Patio Stones

Create a beautiful patio overlay using elegant cobble patio stones, and save money by completing this project yourself.

Tools & Materials

Use this checklist when you go to the store and purchase your items.

Build Your Patio

Step 1

Inspect the slab for cracks and high or low spots. Fill and level cracks or low spots with a compatible concrete filler product. Knock down high spots with a hammer and masonry chisel.

Step 2

Sweep off all loose dirt and debris.

Step 3

Lay out the patio stones around the perimeter, making any necessary cuts or adjustments.

Step 4

Adhere patio stones to the existing slab with a high-quality polyurethane construction adhesive. Make sure patio stones are level with one another and that there aren't trip points or stones that rock. Adjust and shim as required.

Step 5

Lay the infield by butting the patio stones up to one another, ensuring they're level to one another. Make any necessary cuts.

Step 6

Once all of the patio stones are installed, finish the joints with polymeric sand following the manufacture’s instructions.

Project Information

  • Skill Level: Beginner

*Time and Cost are estimated.

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