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Install Patios and Walkways

How to Install Patios and Walkways

Adding a stone patios or walkway to your home provides curb appeal and is a great project for do-it-yourselfers.

Calculate the Materials You Need for Your Patio or Walkway Project

1. Select a shape for your patio stone project.

2. Plan the dimensions of your finished project, accurate to 1 inch.

3. Calculate the area (total square feet) of your project. This will determine the total amount of patio stones, base material and paver sand that you'll need: 

Rectangular: Length x Width = Square feet  

Example: 12 Feet x 8 Feet = 96 Square feet  

4. Compute the perimeter. You’ll need this so you know how much edging you'll require and also for your border calculation:

Rectangular: _____ + _____ + _____ + _____ = Linear feet

Example: 12 Feet + 8 Feet + 12 Feet + 8 Feet = 40 Linear feet

5. Select your patio stone or paver product and pattern. Then calculate the number of pavers needed using the dimensions provided.

6. Determine the amount of paver base material necessary (minimum 4-inch depth for paths and patios, minimum 8-inch depth for driveways).

7. Calculate the amount of paver sand needed over the base and between the joints.

Square feet of project x .083 = Cubic feet of sand (add approximately 1/2 cubic feet per 100 square feet of paving stones for joints)

8. Compute the required quantity of edge restraint and spikes.

Steps to Installing Patios and Walkways

Before beginning any excavation, check for underground utilities. Call the North America One Call Referral Service at 1-888-258-0808 (or just dial 811) for a national directory of utility companies.

Step 1

Excavate the installation area to approximately 6 inches larger on all sides than the actual finished size.

Step 2

Install paver base to a compacted, finished thickness of 4 inches for patios and walkways, and 8 inches for driveways. The paver base should be installed in 2-inch increments and thoroughly compacted for each layer.

Step 3

Lay a 1-inch outside-diameter pipe on the base. Spread 1 inch of paver sand over the compacted base. Level the paver sand by dragging a 2-inch-by-4-inch board over the pipe.

Step 4

Lay patio stones or pavers in the desired pattern. If the desired pattern requires cutting, cut the patio stones with a wet saw.

Step 5

Install paver restraint edging and spikes around the entire project, according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Step 6

Compact the installed patio stones or pavers (This step isn't necessary for 10-inch or larger stones.) using a plate compactor in both directions with at least two passes. Once compacted, spread polymeric sand on the installation, and sweep it into joints, according to the manufacturer's instructions. Sweep off any loose sand from the project surface.