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Make Christmas Lights Blink

Christmas Lights Outdoors

A simple way to make your home more festive when decorating for the holidays is to make your Christmas lights blink. You can achieve blinking Christmas lights without breaking the bank.

Convert Nonblinking String Lights to Blinking String Lights

You can easily convert nonblinking string lights into blinking lights that flash on and off. Simply follow the steps below, and you'll have blinking Christmas lights in no time.

If you complete these steps and discover strings on which only half the bulbs are blinking, those strings have two circuits. You need one blinking-bulb replacement per circuit. To get the second half of the bulbs to blink, complete the steps below, this time replacing the bulb that's closest to the last light that successfully blinks on the string.

To reduce the risk of shock, always make sure string lights are unplugged when replacing bulbs.

Step 1

Untangle each string of Christmas lights and lay them out side by side.

Step 2

For each string of lights you want to convert, determine which single bulb is closest to the end of the string that plugs into the electrical outlet. Remove this bulb on each string and set aside.

Step 3

Replace the nonblinking bulb you've removed with a blinking bulb. Blinking bulbs resemble nonblinking bulbs, except the tips of the blinking bulbs are painted red or silver. Most sets of non-blinking string lights will come with one or more of these blinking-bulb replacements. If your set doesn't have them, you can buy blinking-bulb replacements separately.

Step 4

After replacing the first bulb on each string, it's time to test each string to see if it blinks. Plug each string of lights into the nearest electrical outlet. After a few seconds of warm up time, the lights should blink.

Buy Blinking String Lights

Another way to bring blinking Christmas lights into your holiday decorations is to simply buy string lights that blink. There are a variety of products that blink, and depending on the product, you may be able to choose different blinking modes. Modes can include flash, chase, twinkle or slow glow, allowing you to bring different moods to your holiday experience. There are also products that use LED bulbs, which use less energy than the traditional incandescent bulbs.

Once your lights are blinking, you can connect strings as necessary. Now you can decorate your Christmas tree and home to achieve your desired level of holiday cheer.

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