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Make a Christmas Wreath

Christmas Wreath

Add a personal touch to your home this holiday season with a festive wreath. Decorating a holiday wreath is an easy day project, and can be made to complement any holiday decor. After you’re done using the wreath for the holidays, redecorate it for year-round enjoyment.

Decorating Artificial Wreaths

Wreaths are available in standard sizes, with the most common outside diameters measuring 20-, 24-, 30-, 36-, 48- or 60 inches. Most front doors are 36 inches wide and need a 24-inch wreath. Some larger homes have doors that can use a 36-inch wreath. A 36-inch wreath is also a good size for hanging over a fireplace. Larger wreaths are usually placed on the home’s exterior.

Step 1

Select a plain artificial wreath.

Step 2

Begin at the top of the wreath and weave ribbon through the greenery. Attach the ribbon to the artificial wreath by twisting a sprig of the wreath's greenery around the ribbon twice. No glue is needed. Continue weaving the ribbon in and out of the greenery. When you reach the top, twist the greenery around the end of the ribbon to secure.

Step 3

Weave beaded garland in and out as you did the ribbon. Attach it by twisting the greenery around the ends of the garland.

Step 4

Attach assorted holiday picks and sprays around the wreath by twisting the ends of the stems around the greenery in the wreath. Keep your overall design well-balanced for the best visual effect.

Step 5

Top the wreath with a florist's bow of your choice.

Step 6

Try adding white lights to the wreath for nighttime visibility. Weave the lights in and out of the greenery. Tape the wire to the base of the wreath. Hide the exposed wire by fluffing the greenery in the wreath.

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Decorating Fresh Wreaths

If you decide to make a fresh wreath, wire frames are available in circular, square, rectangular and triangular shapes. Use these frames with materials that can be wired to them, such as pine cones, greenery or berries.

Step 1

Cut the branches to the desired length.

Step 2

Wire the branches onto the wreath base using florist's wire or tape.

Step 3

Overlap the branches as you go, covering the cut ends. Work in one direction around the base.

Step 4

Use a long section of wire to create a loop for hanging the wreath. Attach it to the top / backside of the wreath.

Step 5

Attach decorations to your wreath with florist's wire or tape.

Keep Your Wreath Green and Fresh
  • Use sharp, clean cutters to cut branches, and immediately put cut ends in water until ready to use.
  • Crush the ends of woody stems to allow them to take in more water.
  • Immerse greenery in water overnight before arranging so the cuttings can absorb the maximum amount of moisture.
  • Keep greenery out of sunlight.
  • Don't hang a fresh wreath between a storm door and an entry door. Heat builds up between the doors and causes the wreath to turn brown.

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Grapevine Wreath

Grapevine wreath frames can be hung as they are or decorated by wiring or gluing objects to them. If you choose to decorate a grapevine wreath:

  • Add a piece of garland across the top of the wreath. Attach it by wrapping the sprigs of the garland around the vines in the wreath. Twist the sprigs together a couple of times.
  • Add picks, ribbon and beaded garland as you did with the artificial wreath. Secure these items to the garland. Top with a florist's bow of your choice.

Other Wreath Ideas

Looking for fun craft projects to create with your kids? Try these easy-to-make wreaths:

  • Fabric Wreath: Tear holiday print fabric into long strips (or use ribbon). Wrap a foam wreath with the fabric or ribbon. Hot-glue the ends to the foam. Hang the wreath as is, or hot-glue holiday picks, ornaments, nuts, candies, etc., to it.
  • Star Wreath: Cut out stars from corrugated cardboard. Spray-paint the stars gold and silver, and attach them to a wreath. Add other silver and gold decorations, and tie up the wreath with a beautiful silver or gold ribbon.
  • Nature Wreath: Gather fresh cranberries, cinnamon sticks, pine cones and other natural items, and attach to a wreath. Use an earth tone ribbon and lots of raffia.
Never place fresh greenery near heat sources. Keep greenery away from candles and fireplaces. If you use lights near or in your arrangements, make sure they’re cool-burning lights. If you use lights outside, make sure they’re rated for exterior use.