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Patio Block a Firewood Holder

Firewood Holder

Organize your firewood and keep it safe from the elements with this rustic firewood holder. You can build it using patio blocks.

Install Your Firewood Holder

Step 1

Ensure you have a solid, level base for your firewood holder. If you aren't installing on an existing patio, then you'll need to prepare the base for patio pavers.

Step 2
Firewood Holder Diagram A

Start the base of the firewood holder with 12 Olde Manor wall blocks laid out as seen in Diagram A.

Step 3
Firewood Holder Diagram B

The second and fourth rows require one Olde Manor block split into two 4-inch pieces per row. Start with the factory edge facing out on each side as seen in Diagram B, and follow for proper block placement.

Step 4
Firewood Holder Diagram C

The third and fifth rows will require one Olde Manor block split into an 8-inch-by-8-inch square; removing a 4-inch section will accomplish this. See Diagram C for proper block placement.

Step 5
Firewood Holder Diagram D

The sixth row requires a number of cuts: (See Diagram D.)

a. Split two Olde Manor blocks in half of the 12-inch length.

b. Split two Olde Manor blocks in half of the 8-inch width.

c. Cut both of the 48-inch brick lintels down to 45 ½ inches using a metal cutting saw.

Step 6
Firewood Holder Diagram E

Start the sixth row laying four full Olde Manor blocks along the back of the firewood holder as seen in Diagram D. Next take the 8-inch-width half piece and place on either side. Then place one of the brick lintels with a flat side facing up as seen in Diagram E. Then place the other 8-inch-width half piece, pinching the flat side of the brick lintel together. Finally, place the flat side of the second brick lintel down. This lintel should line up with the front of the previous row. Place the four 12-inch-length Olde Manor half pieces across the brick lintel using landscape adhesive to adhere the half pieces to the brick lintel.

Step 7
Firewood Holder Diagram F

To form the top of the firewood holder, place eight Carnegy stones side by side and front to back as seen in Diagram F. To ensure stability, glue each Carnegy stone together and to the row of blocks below.

Project Information

  • Skill Level: Intermediate

*Time and Cost are estimated.