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Patio Paver Square Firepit

Turn your patio into a work of art and build a square firepit with allen + roth® pavers.

Tools and Materials

2 (1/2 cubic foot) Bags of Paver Base

2 Tubes of Landscape Adhesive (or heavy-duty construction adhesive)

48 Pieces of allen + roth® Olde Manor Wall

Caulk Gun


Hand Tamper




Square Firepit

Install Your Firepit

  1. Dig a 45-inch-by-45-inch square hole 6 inches deep. The first course (layer) is buried in order to provide greater stability.
  2. Once the hole is dug and level, pour in the paver base about 3 inches deep and tamp until very well-compacted.
  3. Lay the first course, leveling as each stone is placed. Use the remaining base to level and fill in the first course.
  4. Rotate the pattern for each course, so that you stagger the course underneath. Use landscape adhesive on each course if desired. (This will require more than two tubes of adhesive.) Check for level after each course.
  5. Apply a bead of adhesive between the third and fourth courses.
  6. After the fourth course has been set, lay the firepit insert on top. You'll need to anchor or glue this to the stone.

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