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Extend the Life of Your Range

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Your range is one of the most important appliances in your kitchen.Today's stoves are innovative multitasking machines able to cook more dishes at once, saving time and energy. Ranges add a good measure of convenience to any recipe, making mealtime that much more enjoyable. Follow these quick cleaning and maintenance tips to keep your range looking and performing great for years.


Tips for Lengthening Your Range's Life Span

1. Don't let a small spill become a bigger mess. Wipe off spills right away. Clean sugary ones while they're still warm, or they’ll adhere to the range cooktop and cause pitting or permanent marks on porcelain and enamel finishes. Clean with hot sudsy water and rinse.

2. Clean or replace oven vent filters. Oven vents reduce lingering odors and suck away smoke. Keep yours running at peak performance by cleaning it regularly using a degreaser and soapy water, and replacing the charcoal filters periodically.

3. Heat your oven, not your kitchen. Over time, the gasket around your oven door that keeps heat inside can become torn or deformed, allowing heat to escape. Regular inspection of this door gasket will ensure it's in good condition.

4. A tiny clog in your gas burner is a big deal. Keep your gas burners cooking efficiently by periodically cleaning its ports with a straight pin. Don't use a wooden toothpick, or you can easily enlarge or distort the ports.

5. Go easy on your glass cooktop. To avoid scratches, don't slide cookware. Don't store jars or cans above. They're too easy to drop and can crack the glass. Hot pan lids left on the cooktop can trap air and crack the glass cooktop as it cools.