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What a Great Idea: Mirror Stencil

Get the look of etched glass using a stencil and spray paint. Start with a new mirror, or jazz up an existing one.


Choose a design that will fit your mirror, or print out our provided pattern at right. Using a permanent marker, trace the pattern onto a piece of repositionable vinyl shelf liner.

Cut out stencil

Place a cutting board or a sheet of plywood underneath the shelf liner to protect your surface. Use a utility knife to cut along the traced design.

Place the stencil on the mirror, making sure all the inner edges adhere completely. Cover the surrounding areas with contractor's paper and painter's tape.

apply glass-frosting spray

Following the manufacturer's instructions, apply several coats of glass-frosting spray paint (#105953), and allow each coat to dry.

Gently remove the stencil from the mirror.

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