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wall mount mailbox

Jazz up a wall-mounted mailbox for a pretty storage solution.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1
Select a wall-mounted mailbox (#76354).


Step 2
Pick an assortment of self-stick Wall Pops (found in the wallpaper department) in the colors of your choice; we used orange (#244203), blue (#244242), and green (#244245). Using a pencil, draw small circles on the Wall Pops by tracing around a soda can. Create letters by tracing 2-inch stencils (#106943) onto the Wall Pops. Use utility scissors to cut out the dots and letters.


Step 3
Affix the dots and letters to the mailbox, repositioning as needed.


Step 4
Secure the mailbox to the wall according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Good To Know

Hanging a row of personalized mailboxes near your home’s interior entryway will give each family member a place to stash their keys, books and mail. Place the children’s boxes on a lower level for accessibility.

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