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Available exclusively at Lowe's, this Outdoor Living collection is inspired by American tradition.

An American-Made Artist

Jim Shore

No one defines Americana like Jim Shore. His unmistakable style is a fusion of folk, classic and contemporary art motifs. The result is an Outdoor Living collection that is fresh and unique with deep roots in the authentic traditions of America. And it can only be found at Lowe's.

Jim Shore is Lowe's newest featured designer. He comes by his art naturally, both of his parents were folk artists and his grandmother was a Master Quilter. So from the beginning his family taught him the skills required to create his beautiful designs: patience, persistence and meticulous detail. Decades later, these influences have come to life in a classic outdoor collection complete with functional home d├ęcor and fashionable accessories. With a vibrant color pallet and geometric patterns commonly found in quilting and American folk art, Jim imparts a sense of heritage, history and humor in every piece.

Jim Shore's collection is full of timeless classics that once placed in your home, become the centerpiece of every conversation. Browse through the Jim Shore collection and see for yourself.

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